I don’t expect much from the Cowboys anymore, that ship has long sailed. But like other fans, I occasionally get sucked back in. And while I don’t put much stock in the Cowboys win over the hapless Eagles, I can see the team winning a few more games this season.

But before I start talking nonsense like, MAKING THE PLAYOFFS, I have a dream and I would like to share it with you all.

First, FIRE Jason Garrett. What’s the point of keeping him for the rest of the year? Is he going to suddenly turn it all around and surprise everyone with a playoff birth, a deep run in those playoffs and a Super Bowl trophy?! Hell no! So what’s the point?

Garrett has proven to be a man that the players don’t respect, fear or care about. He has poor clock management skills, continues to let his team get by with FAR too many penalties, and shows no evidence that any of this will change in the future.

He took over two years ago (at the time of this writing) and I don’t think the team has gotten better. In fact, I think they have gotten worse.

Fire him right now! After a win! It would shock the area and the team and (for awhile) show everyone that Jerry means business! And that he will not sit back and watch this team continue to fall into mediocrity.

And don’t think that the team, because of an easy schedule, will turn it around. They most likely will lose to the Browns this weekend.

So what do you do?


Now we know that Jerry gets what he truly wants. And I think Jerry is starting to realize things are slipping through his fingers. At the beginning of the season he was already talking about a window closing!

He can smell money and when its beginning to shift to another part of the state, and it is!

So what could save him?! Sean Payton.

Bring Sean in, and suddenly we would be a contender again. He lives in North Texas, was an assistant coach at one time and would view the Cowboys as a step up from his current job.

How to get him? Promise a big contract and that Jerry would do what he could to move UP in the draft to get the number one pick. Then let Payton have his man. I’m thinking USC’s Matt Barkley perhaps? Anyone that Payton wants to build his team around. Then….STAY OUT OF HIS WAY!

Now the chances of all of this happening are slim to none, but a guy can dream right??!!

By the way: I am sorry Texan fans. While you are 8-1 and most of the state should care, they don’t. Its bad when your team is possibly the best in football and everyone in the state is talking about a red shirt freshman called “Johnny Football”.

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