By Jeff Cavanaugh, 105.3 The Fan

Got some Cowboy Concern for the weekend, but if they lose to the Redskins there’s still no excuse.

Tyron Smith, Demarco Murray.  I’m convinced neither one of them is going to play this week, which means we’ll see 50+ pass attempts, 2 yards per carry for about 5 carries before Garrett says “screw it, if we can’t run forward, we aren’t running”.

One dimensional offenses are a lot easier to defend, and it’s what the Cowboys are gonna be against on Thursday.  Costa, out.  Cook, out.  Tyron, most likely out.  Sean Lee, IR.  Church, IR.  The Cowboys are so beat up, it’d almost be understandable if they got beat by RGIII and his troops.  Except they have SEVEN starters on the DL in Washington.  They’ve had worse luck than the Boys when it comes to injury, so we got ourselves a no excuses Thanksgiving game that is once again win or you can forget about the playoffs.

I still feel good about the Cowboys winning though, they have the ultimate unfair advantage.  Just like every year, they play at home on Thanksgiving, and it’s on a Thursday.  Being an NFL team that has to go on the road with two days to prepare for a game is a death sentence.  The Redskins played Sunday, they have to travel on Wednesday.  So they get a grand total of 2 days to recover, game plan, and get ready to play with a roster that’s already destroyed by injuries.  Good luck with that.

Mavericks update here!  The update is, call me in February when basketball matters.  Oh, and D-Will and his Nets are 6-2 right now, just in case you were curious.

No more sports here…..


The following is just a rant of the terrible day I’ve had so far, you can read it and enjoy my misery.

A day in the life of me.  Alarm went off at 7:00 a.m. which is stupid.  Why people get up that early is beyond me, there’s nothing fun about it.  I like to wake up right around noon, that’s the time that feels right.

Why would I wake up that early?  I blame Elf and Slater.  They go on vacation, so their producer Roy goes on vacation.  Josh Lewin and Mike Bacsik fill in, I get to be Roy for the week.  No problem so far.  Except that people who wake up with alarm clocks, before noon, don’t have their wits about them yet.  At least I don’t.  Left the house with one light on the gas gauge.  No problem, I’ll get gas when I get to work.

Pulling up to the station, no wallet.  Wallet’s sitting at the house.  We’re still ok though, because Bascik is good people and gives me $2.17 in change to buy a Dr. Pepper and a sausage biscuit.  For now we’re still ok, not too terrible of a day.  10 a.m. to 2 p.m. of course is fantastic broadcasting, other than the times I attempt to break the show.  Then comes crunch time.  Will “Prime” (that’s my Kia’s name, because it’s an Optima.  Get it?  Optimus Prime?  Right.) make it from downtown to Allen, TX with one light out of 12 lit up on the gas gauge?

The answer is maybe without traffic.  Why is there traffic on 75 at 2 p.m.?  Because someone hates me.  Oh, and that last gas gauge light?  It goes off as I’m entering the highway, about 30 miles from home.  Now we’re sitting on zero chance of making it home, and no wallet.  And I’m hungry.

Crisis was averted kind of because I knew there was no chance I was making it home with no gas, so I called a buddy of mine in Richardson who was at 75 and Belt Line-ish.  He says I can borrow some money for gas.  Awesome.  Car runs out as I’m pulling up to the gas station, but that’s ok, who doesn’t want to push their car 60 yards or so to a pump?  It’s just a part of the day.

But now I have gasoline, and that’s a good thing.  Gotta run home, grab the wallet, and head BACK to the station for the G-Bag Nation show this evening.  So I walk in the door, can’t find the wallet.  Spidey senses go off when I see a bunch of pieces of things I believe were in my wallet at one point laying on the living room floor.  There’s part of my social security card, there’s a piece of my driver’s license etc.  Dog ate the wallet.  I don’t mean the dog chewed on the wallet, I mean I found a single small piece of leather on the floor, that’s what was left.

With that said, I had Taco Bell for lunch.  2 crunchy, 1 soft, no lettuce, Pepsi and an order of nachos.  All in all I’m gonna call today a B.  Tune in to the Nation!

End Glorious Tidbit 11.20.2012

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