DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – “We have to play better than we played Sunday (vs Cleveland)” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on his weekly radio show with New School on 105.3 The Fan.

With the offensive line struggling Jones thinks there are some positives that came out of the game despite the fact that quarterback Tony Romo was sacked 7 times by the Browns. “I was criticized because I said we had some good offensive line play – but I was really talking about the last half” said Jones.

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With injuries sidelining more Cowboys starters Jones told The Fan that Tyron Smith is “better than I thought he would be” referring to the high ankle sprain that took the left tackle out of the game Sunday. “It’s probably got a little high ankle to it. High ankle, of course, being one that makes you jump in terms of how long he’ll be out. It also may be something that he can work with.” said Jones.

In his place Jermey Parnell played for Smith and will “probably” play “early” against the Redskins, according to Jones.

“He’s got, arguably, our coaches think, he’s got the best feet, the quickest feet,” Jones said of Parnell. “He’s a basketball player. And he’s got definitely the strongest punch, and that’s really amazing. His punch is off the charts when it hits defensive players. So, he’s a guy that’s got a lot of potential for us.”

And despite his lack of professional experience and giving up some sacks, Jerry remains confident in Parnell saying “coming in here and playing like he did as they game went along – that’s the kind of thing you look for,” adding “I’m glad we’ve got him on the team, now he’s got to do better.”

Jones also admitted that “nothing was up” when asked about his pre game meeting with coach Mike Holmgren and addressed the ‘rumors’ saying “he’s a really good friend.”

Looking forward to the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving day, Jones said “I’m reminded about how difficult it was to beat them last year even though we did have two wins” and admitting that the Cowboys are going to have to work to get a win at their next meeting.

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