By Andrea Lucia

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas woman missing for four days is in the hospital being treated for diabetes and anemia, after a security guard found her parked at a strip mall.

Hirana Asaoau, 39, was in her car, at the parking lot on Skillman and Royal Lane, seven miles from home.  The security guard said, when he approached her to ask if she needed help, she asked to borrow his cell phone and then dialed home.

Her husband ,Tauao Asoau, says he recognized her voice, the moment he heard it.

“My heart was pounding – like, wow – I can’t believe it,” he said.

His wife had disappeared Friday afternoon, after she left home headed for Parkland Hospital’s emergency room. Friends say, she had suffered diabetic seizures.

Asaou never made it to the hospital, though. Friends and family searched for her, posting flyers online. It was the security guard, though, who spotted her, two days in a row, sitting in her parked car, occasionally walking into a McDonald’s.

Speaking to her, he noticed her swollen feet and odd behavior, and asked if she needed him to call an ambulance.

He said, she asked instead, if she could call for someone to pick her up.

“She was telling me, I thought I was in the island,” said her husband.

He believes she somehow thought she was in her native country, the Polynesian Island of Tonga.

Friends suspect she was in some type of diabetic shock or stupor.  They’re waiting for doctors to offer a better explanation and for Asaou to return home.  She’s now at Medical City being treated for her diabetes and anemia.

No one is more eager for her arrival than her husband.

“I can’t wait to see her face again. That’s my baby right there,” said Asaou.