DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The fate of deep-fried Twinkies on a stick, which originally debuted at the State Fair of Texas, is up in the air now that Hostess Brands plans to liquidate the company.

On Wednesday, a judge in New York approved the bankrupt company’s plan to shutter its operations.

The outcome matters greatly to Larry Fyfe, the concessionaire who introduced deep-fried Twinkies to the Iowa State Fair in 2003, a year after the concoction debuted at in Texas.

Fyfe told The Des Moines Register that he sells up to 7,000 of them each year.

Fyfe says he hopes another company will acquire the Hostess product lines. He says using a knockoff cream-filled spongecake “would not be one of my first choices.”

Hostess officials said Wednesday that other companies have expressed interest in buying the company’s brands.

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