By Jeff Jamison, CBS11 NewsBy Jeff Jamison

Temperatures dropped to below freezing in many parts of North Texas Saturday morning.  After a cool afternoon, temperatures will drop quickly again tonight, but not as much as last night.  A south wind has returned to the area and will help keep temperatures above freezing for most of the region overnight into Sunday morning.

We have not officially seen 32° this season at DFW yet.  The average date for the first freeze is November 22.  We are just a few days beyond that and we could see temperatures close to freezing by Wednesday morning.  By the way, the latest date of the first freeze is January 4, 1972.

dfw freeze facts Temperatures Quickly Shoot Up and Then Back Down



Sunday will be warmer and breezy here in North Texas.  Temperatures will top 70° with south winds up to 25 mph.  If you’re reading this and you’re traveling back to where home is, the weather will be pretty quiet over most of the country.  Some snow is forecast across Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  A few light rain showers are possible in Michigan.  Here’s a look at the temperatures around the country for Sunday.

us travel1 Temperatures Quickly Shoot Up and Then Back Down



Another cold front will sweep southward over the next 48 hours.  It should arrive in North Texas on Monday.  Expect a mostly cloudy day Monday with a chance of rain mainly east of the DFW area.  We really need rainfall in North Texas as many folks are back in severe drought.  It doesn’t look like this is going to bring many of us rain.  Even in East Texas, where rain chances are higher, the rain will be brief and not amount to a whole lot.

ntx rain chances Temperatures Quickly Shoot Up and Then Back Down



It has certainly been dry in North Texas this autumn.  We have a good chance of ending November without more rain at DFW.  This would leave us with the 5th driest November on record…and the 7th driest autumn on record (September 1 – November 30).

dry autumn Temperatures Quickly Shoot Up and Then Back Down



After a small rain chance on Monday, it will turn colder again for Tuesday and Wednesday.  As mentioned earlier, we could be close to freezing at DFW by Wednesday morning.  The chill won’t last long as temperatures will be back in the 70s by next Friday.

ktvt 7day master5 Temperatures Quickly Shoot Up and Then Back Down