Isabella (Credit: Texas Humane Alliance)

Isabella (Credit: Texas Humane Alliance)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A 4-month-old boxer mix puppy was found partially skinned in the front yard of her south Dallas home on Nov. 30.

The puppy, Isabella, is missing 60-70 percent of her skin, and the injuries span from the base of her neck to her tail, and from shoulder to shoulder.

She was found by her owners’ children after they came home from school.

Once discovered, the owners called Dallas Animal Services, who transported her to the City shelter on Westmoreland for examination. Dallas Animal Services reached out to Dallas-based rescue group DFW Rescue Me, which transferred Isabella to a private veterinarian for  immediate treatment.

Isabella survived the injury, but is in grave danger due to the amount of skin lost. She is eating and doctors remain optimistic that she will recover.

The painful process of removing the damaged and dead skin has begun, and she will be transported to Texas A&M on Monday for the first of many skin graft surgeries.

Dallas Animal Services has opened an investigation into the cause of Isabella’s injuries. Forensic samples have been sent for testing and analysis. It is unclear at this time if the injuries are due to a human or animal attack.

DFW Rescue Me, a non-profit organization whose goal is to reduce the number of animals euthanized in Dallas, also cared for the puppy Justice that was set on fire in Pleasant Grove last April. Justice died from his injuries. Four defendants are awaiting trial in that case.

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