FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Former Ranger Michael Young is leaving North Texas and leaving behind a lot of fans.

Remember the three year old whose videotaped reaction went viral when he thought Michael Young was leaving back in 2011?

Gavin Justice is almost five now and handling word about the roster change a bit better. But, he still isn’t happy about it.

If Gavin Justice isn’t the Rangers’ biggest fan, he certainly is the most energetic.

He can’t wait to show guests his bedroom filled with Ranger memorabilia.

There’s a little red bat that Michael Young gave him when they finally met.

“Whissssh!” He says, as he takes a swing.

Next, he pulls out a little white jersey with number 10 on it, Michael Young’s number on the Rangers team.

Then, he’s asking for a couple of bobble heads to be taken off the dresser drawers which are too high for him to reach.

“I like to play with my bobble head,” he said.

At some point, he took a flying leap onto his bed covered with Rangers logos.

His favorite player is Michael Young.

“But he’s my team,” Gavin says with a big smile, recalling what he said about Michael Young in a video that went viral.

The last time his mom looked, there were more than 600,000 views. The video was inadvertently deleted this past week when she changed her email. But, she’s trying to put it back up again.

Now, Michael Young is going to play in Philadelphia.

Gavin shows the frown he made when his mom broke the news to him.

“He was not happy. I told him driving in the car,” Kim Larsen said.

“There was some sports crying going on,” Tim Larsen said.

The last time it was even thought Michael Young would be traded, Gavin’s reaction went viral.

“No Michael Young? he asks.

“No more Michael Young,” his mother tells him.

Then, Gavin takes off his hat and drops it.

“They’re not going to be my team anymore,” he says.

But life is full of changes.

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