NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Christmas is a favorite time of year for Tori Brown and her family, but the North Texas mother said she was always bothered when trying to display the photo cards of friends and family.

“I would display them on my fireplace mantel and they always fell down,” she said adding, “Every time I walked by, every time I breathed, [they’d] fall down.”

So she created Cardigans — a cardboard holder.  Then she took her invention a step further and made Sendalongs, small adhesive stands for photo cards you mail and the stand doesn’t increase the postage amount.

Brown calls herself a “Momprenuer” and with two children, ages three and six, finding time to invent is her biggest challenge.  “There’s not much time, I have a very small window,” she said of the difficult schedule. “[I have] a few days a week when they [children] are at school or when they are sleeping.”

The inventions aren’t the first for Brown, and definitely aren’t her last. She’s already working on two new products and says not giving up is key.

“There is a lot of rejection. I keep going. I want my kids to proud of me and I want them to see me do something and living our/my dreams.”

Cardigans and Sendalongs are also sold in SkyMall Magazine.  In addition to the holiday line, the Cardigans line also offers baby, party and wedding themed-products.

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