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Mets Still Listening To Dickey Trade Options


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NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – R.A. Dickey and the New York Mets are only $6 million apart in negotiations now, but the Mets continue to talk to teams interested in a trade for the reigning NL Cy Young winner. Sources indicate at least a couple teams have offered one elite prospect for Dickey, but the Mets are looking for multiple players back in a package.

The Mets could decide to bring Dickey back on his $5 million 2013 contract, though that probably isn’t optimal. Contract negotiations, which have been going on for more than two months now, have the Mets offering a two-year, $20 million extension on top of the $5 million contract in place for 2013, with Dickey looking for $26 million over two years.

The Texas Rangers are the most frequently named team in trade negotiations, but aren’t believed to be close to a deal for Dickey. Their top available prospect, third baseman Mike Olt, isn’t the best fit for the Mets since they just signed third baseman David Wright to an eight-year extension.

The Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals are among other teams to have talked to the Mets about Dickey.

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