RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – Police have a warning for mothers, after one was robbed while dropping her child off at a Richardson daycare.

Rachel Shrouder caught two thieves in the act of stealing her purse out of her car while she dropped her son off at daycare.

Police say daycares have been targets for this kind of crime over the past few months.

“I was parked in front of the front door,” Shrouder says. “We have security at the daycare. Never in a million would I have thought to lock my door.”

She says she spent no more than four minutes inside, and when she stepped outside, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“I come out to somebody pulling my purse out of the drivers side of my car.”

The incident was caught on surveillance video, which also shows Shrouder going after the suspects.

“I tried to grab onto his car while he was pulling my purse in. They shut the door and locked it, and I was holding onto it while they pulled off. I fall to the ground and they took off.”

The thieves sped away in a newer Chevy SUV with paper tags, almost hitting another vehicle and jumping a curb on the way out.

Shrouder says she learned the hard way. She will never leave her doors unlocked again.

Police also remind drivers not to leave purses, gifts or valuables in their cars in plain sight.

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