FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Inside First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, hundreds of people from different faiths pray.

They hold on to loved ones – wipe away tears at times – and they pray.

They pray for a community hundreds of miles away in Connecticut.

“In a time like this people really need to be together to reaffirm that we have community and we care about one another,” said Dr. Tim Bruster, Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth. “How many of us have children, grand-children who are in that age group? We can only imagine the pain that they feel.”

Thursday night, Huma Yassin softly read the names of all the victims.

One after another, 26 times for the school victims and another for the shooter’s mother.

Then two kids helped light candles, remembering the young lives taken too soon.

“When you feel the presence of other people, it helps lift your spirits,” says Matthew Bumtus, who came with a few friends. “I couldn’t miss this.”

The sanctuary inside the church quickly filled up with different interfaith groups and people who just wanted to be part of the vigil called “Candles for Connecticut.”

Laurie James brought her 12-year-old daughter with her from Arlington.

“I’m a nurse and everything is really topsy-turvy right now,” says James. “I think we can do something to create good spirit and good energy for the people.”

Al Meredith lead one of the prayers.

His family is familiar with what the families in Connecticut are going through.

Thirteen years ago, a gunman shot and killed seven teens at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

The Meredith family remembers that day everyday.

“When something like this happens, you do want to gather together with other people and pray for other folks who have endured some of what we endured,” says Kay Meredith from Wedgwood Baptist Church.

Grieving and healing is what so many at the vigil are hoping to do now.

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