DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – From the functional to the adorable, pet parents are shelling out big bucks for that furry little someone in their life.

PetSmart says costumes are the Christmas gift must-have this year.  Sameer Bhatnagar, the manager at the PetSmart on Greenville in Dallas, said you can dress up your pets as everything from Santa to the Grinch.

Another hot item: do-it-yourself treat makers.  As in, owners bake treats at home for their pets. A gourmet treat maker from Sunbeam costs just under $30.

If you have money to burn, head over to Spa Paws in Fort Worth.

“I carry bomber jackets, the fur coats, of course,” said owner Janice Grimes.  “I have cashmere sweaters, T-shirts;  I have golf attire;  I have wedding attire.”

You can pick up a 100% Italian cashmere sweater for about $70.  Grimes said the most expensive thing she carries in the store is a $3,000 wedding dress.

But of course our kids love more than cats and dogs.   PetSmart says playpens are a popular gift for hamsters and gerbils.

If fish are your thing, you can trick out your tank with decorations giving it a more festive feel.   You can even make your fish wall art buy putting them in fish bowls you can mount on the wall.

We found a mountable fish bowl on Amazon for under $20.

PetSmart expects 76-percent of owners to buy their pet a holiday gift this year.

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