By Andrea Lucia

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Two month old Duchess is the kind of puppy that’s easy to love.

“Super sweet, playful puppy,” said Dr. Cate McManus with Dallas Animal Services.

There’s just one problem.

“The fact that she constantly urinates.  I think most people would find, not such a great trait for a pet,” said Dr. McManus.

McManus would like to send Duchess to an outside vet.

The exam and possible surgery would cost an estimated $2500, though, and there’s no more money left in the budget for the medical expense.

“She’s definitely one of the ones we want to raise money for,” said McManus.

Recently, the city department has taken a new approach to raising money… Using the fundraising website  Instead of asking people to donate to Dallas Animal Services in general, the program allows them to donate to a specific animal for a specific medical procedure.

After posting a request on Facebook and Twitter for $500 to operate on the broken leg of a puppy named Stella, it took less than an hour to get the money.

“I think it’s very powerful for the public because it’s a very tangible thing they’re donating to,” said McManus.

Generous donors also helped smitten the kitten to get a needed amputation.

Now, she’s part of someone’s family.

Soon, Doctor McManus hopes, Duchess will be, too.

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