DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The winner of the new New Years Day Bowl Game in Dallas’ Fair Park didn’t score a touchdown or intercept a pass Tuesday.

Instead, organizations working to address the city’s homeless were the beneficiaries of the 3rd annual Heart of Dallas Bowl Game.

College Football is a multi-million dollar money maker.  But in Dallas’ case, the money is financing efforts of social change.

Oklahoma State and Purdue battled it out in today’s Heart of Dallas game at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park.

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The bowl game, only in its third year, has a brand new concept.  Organizers are part of a non-profit.  And just a mile away from the stadium, you can see the game’s MVB – most valuable beneficiary.

Agencies working with Dallas’ homeless, including the Austin Street Shelter, are receiving any net proceeds from the game.

The homeless alliance groups could share upwards to $100,000 dollars.

The Heart of Dallas game, and its mission, received plenty of praise from Mayor Mike Rawlings.  “When an organization deals with homeless, raise $100,000, that’s a huge gift.  And to be able to take profits and put it back to the neediest is deadon, exactly what we need to be doing.”

To learn more about the Heart of Dallas organization and it’s vision for the city, CLICK HERE.

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