ARLINGTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – Both men and women can suffer from debilitating migraine headaches. While there are a number of pills and injections that promise relief, some North Texans say a natural cream, with the active ingredient progesterone, is stopping the pain with zero side effects.

Store managers at Better Health in Arlington say they have a hard time keeping the cream on store shelves because it’s so popular.

Cancer survivor Maggie Hall tried the cream and it worked for her. Hall says at the first sign of a headache or tension, she rubs the cream on her forehead or temple for instant relief. The results are said to take just minutes because the product goes straight into the blood stream.

“I have taken prescription medications, and I know how it makes my body feel,” she says. “And with this, I don’t have any side effects or strange feelings.”

Hall says she no longer uses any other pain medication. She says she doesn’t need them anymore.

Dr. Frederick Freitag of the Baylor Neuroscience Center says if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But he adds, that doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful.

“There is absolutely no evidence from any clinical work that it does anything positive to treat migraine headaches,” he claims. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t people who benefit from it.”

He stresses that “all natural” treatments like this cream, still need to be considered strong medicine.

Progesterone cream can be purchased at a number of health stores and online. Dr. Fry-tag suggests consulting a physician before using it, especially if you are using any other hormonal treatments.

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