PLANO (CBS 11 NEWS) – Plano gym goers are finding a surprise when they finish their workouts. Over the past few months, thieves have been smashing windows and breaking into cars in fitness center parking lots.

Since October, Plano police have responded to multiple car break-ins five times at the LA Fitness on Avenue K. Four times they’ve been called after several break-ins at the Gold’s Gym on West Park Boulevard and the 24 Hour Fitness across the Street. Thieves have hit the Lifetime Fitness on Preston twice in the last three months.

As a new year brings more people to the gym, police have a warning.

“It’s gotten to the point where it’s the remove it or lose it type theory, and that’s sad but that’s the world we live in,” says David Tilley, Plano police spokesperson.

Police say it’s easy to avoid being a victim. They say lock your doors, don’t leave anything of value in sight and don’t put valuables in your trunk before you go inside the gym. Thieves could be watching and just break your window to open the trunk.

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