FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Thousands of people are expected to attend a huge model train exhibit at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth this weekend, to see some cool creations and perhaps be inspired to build their own. It’s called the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour, and it has not been in Fort Worth for five years.

The exhibit features all kinds of railroad displays, explained show manager Randy Bachman. “The show encompasses all sizes of trains,” he said.

One of the smallest model railroad displays is in 1/900 scale, made by a group of friends from Corpus Christi. Vince Smith is one of the friends who created the tiny train, showing in Fort Worth for the first time. “We’ve been doing this for 15 years now,” he said. “The group started in 1998. We’ve got a bunch of modelers in the Corpus area that wanted to get together and run trains. And this has been a continuous effort to improve it, to make it better for everybody, and to show it off to the public and let them enjoy some of the benefits of model railroading.”

The miniature train display is 52 feet long and includes about 400 feet of track. It takes the modelers between three and four hours to assemble the model.

But the guys insist that model railroading is not a competition. Rather, it is about getting a group of people together that all enjoy the same hobby.

Those attending the Fort Worth exhibit could soon find themselves actively participating in the hobby as well. “This layout,” Bachman said, pointing to a particular train display, “you can actually win. It’s going to be raffled off at the show to help support a new model railroad display going in at the Sacramento railroad museum.”

The World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour exhibit in Fort Worth is open Saturday and Sunday. Click here for times and ticket information.

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