DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It’s a story of survival. A 43-year-old Dallas woman who was carjacked and kidnapped early this morning fought her attacker, never giving up until her escape.

Luz Maria Macias is only 5-feet tall. She says she weighs 120 pounds but it seems more like 100.

When a carjacker took off with her in the back of her brother’s 2012 pick-up, she was scared.

Through a translator, Macias said, “Imagine the fear. I’d never been through something like this. I thought about my girls, my grandkids.”

The vehicle belonged to her brother, 29-year-old, Jose Lopez. He was taking Macias and her daughter to work with him and stopped a convenience store for coffee on the 98-hundred block of Ferguson.

Lopez and his niece went inside. Macias stayed in the back of the pick-up, with the door unlocked and the engine running.

The suspect, whose name has not yet been released, had already tried to get into another vehicle.

He opened the door to the pick-up Macias was sitting in and demanded money. She told him she didn’t have any. Still, he hopped in and took off with her in the back.

She remembered the tools her brother kept in the vehicle and found something in the back. It was a ratchet strap.

“The only thing I found was one of those straps used to tie down boxes and big loads. It had metal. So, I wrapped it around my hand and hit him with it,” she said.

She hit him right in the head.

Meantime, her brother and 22-year-old daughter, still at the convenience store, wondered where she went. They called her.

Jose Lopez said, “I could even hear the guy tell her like, ‘Hey, don’t do that. Or don’t answer the phone or something like that.”

Though the kidnapper beat her back the first time, Luz Macias belted the kidnapper two more times.

“He got a big cut right here,” Jose Lopez said.

Her kidnapper even tried to stab her with a box cutter. But he couldn’t reach her.

“He kept driving, crashing into whatever was in the way – cars, trash cans whatever, Macias said.

“I didn’t care about the truck. I was just trying to get where my sister was,” Jose Lopez said.

Finally, the kidnapper crashed into a pole less than two miles from where they started.

He ran off. And she ran for help.

“I asked God to give me strength to do something,” Macias said.

After he crashed into the pole, the suspect ran off. But he didn’t run far. He kicked in someone’s door on Shiloh Road and knocked the homeowner in the head.

Police caught hiding in a dumpster. He faces a number of serious charges.

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