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Testy Nick Saban Is Tired Of NFL Questions

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CBS SPORTS – Fresh off winning his third national title in four seasons, Alabama coach Nick Saban reiterated Tuesday that he’s not interested in returning to the NFL. And he sounded testy about having to answer the question again.

“How many times do you think I’ve been asked to put it to rest?” he said. “And you continue to ask it.”

Saban said his experience in Miami, where he led the Dolphins to a 15-17 record in 2005-06, convinced him that college was the place for him. The NFL salary cap and other issues gave him far less control than he has in college.

“I didn’t feel I could impact the team the same way that I can as a college coach,” he said.

But he alluded that his stay in the NFL could have been longer had the Dolphins signed then-free-agent quarterback Drew Brees.

“We had a chance to get one here — sort of messed it up,” he said in Miami, the site of Alabama’s 42-14 win over Notre Dame in the BCS Championship Game.

Saban could probably pick his spot. Five NFL teams are looking for head coaches — Arizona, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Diego — and Jacksonville’s Mike Mularkey is on shaky ground.


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