DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Independent School District’s leader will be in the hot seat on Thursday. Superintendent Mike Miles has been facing allegations of violating hiring practices before he even took over for the district last summer. Miles faces an internal audit on Thursday, but it is not yet known how much explaining he will articulate at this public meeting.

Miles and some members of his administrative staff have been named in the internal audit that questions whether or not he violated DISD policies, specifically related to job offers made to 18 individuals before Miles actually assumed his current role. The superintendent took over for Dallas area schools in July.

The latest draft of the internal audit is toned down from an earlier version, which described an environment of intimidation and undue influence by senior management. In the most recent draft, DISD leaders promise to fix irregularities and provide guidelines on moving expenses — another issue cited in the report.

In all, seven school district policy violations are cited in the internal audit. In the past, Miles has referred to the audit as a “witch hunt.” He will get a chance to officially address the allegations on Thursday.

School board president Lew Blackburn said that, although there are compliance problems, he expects Miles to remain as the DISD’s leader.

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