LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – The man who was inside a home that exploded in Lewisville remains in critcal condition at a Plano hospital.

The man, identified only by his first name as Scott, had lived at the duplex for less than a year and had volunteered for Christian Community Action, who owns the building, doing maintenance 4 days a week.

“Protocol was there was a mandatory evacuation from the leak, but this was not down wind,” said Ron Batts, president of CCA.

Concerned citizens are now questioning that protocol, but Lewisville Fire Department did not return phone calls or emails.

The power company whose crew struck the 4-inch gas liine that was the origin of the leak, Texas New Mexico power, or TNMP, released a statement today:

“A TNMP crew was on-site, replacing a pole. We had called Texas811 in advance to mark underground lines, and there were line markings present when we arrived, as expected.

At the site while working the job, when we realized a gas line had been struck, we followed protocol by stopping work, leaving our equipment in place and calling both the gas company and the fire department. That was about two hours prior to the dwelling becoming involved.

More details are expected to be identified during the appropriate investigations. We’ll be cooperating with Atmos Gas and governmental agencies.

In addition, we would like to share that safety is a very high priority for TNMP and its employees. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

The company also said they are conducting an internal investigation.

Atmos Energy completed repairs to the 4-inch gas line early Saturday. Natural gas service was restored to residents and businesses.

But Jennifer Ryan, spokesperson for Atmos, says the investigation into the cause of the explosion could take weeks.

Meanwhile, more witnesses came forward with video shot just seconds after the explosion took place.

Surveillance cameras at All About Guns, one block away on Church St., shook when the explosioin took place.

Other residents of the complex remain displaced, but have been put up in hotels until their homes are safe to return to.

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