FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Girl Scout cookies are an annual event that Americans have enjoyed for about 96 years. Dreary weather could not stop dedicated girls from lining up at the Fort Worth Zoo to pick up their boxes of cookies. The tasty treats are a signature money-making part of being in the Girl Scouts.

“This is the largest women-owned business in the world,” said Becky Burton with the Girl Scouts. “And when you say that, people stop and think, oh my gosh!”

This year, there is additional excitement over a new cookie called Mango Creme. There is also a Cookie Finder, which uses GPS technology to show a customer where the nearest cookies are being sold. Some of the Girl Scouts even have an iPhone or iPad that accepts credit card payments. And that push toward technology goes beyond the point-of-purchase. In this high-tech world, Girl Scouts are sharing sales goals and techniques in live online interviews.

For many of the girls, cookie sales set the tone for what the troop can afford to do in coming months. Camping trips, for example, are funded by your cookie purchases. “And at camp, we do fun stuff like archery and horseback riding and swimming,” explained Girl Scout Shelby Uggen. “I would just recommend Girl Scouts to any girl in the whole entire world.”

No matter what age, the Girl Scouts learn to set goals, make important decisions, manage money, interact with people, and operate a business. “It is a whole rounded program that is supporting young women who are our future leaders of our world and our communities,” Burton said.

If you are not a cookie person (gasp!) but would still like to help out the Girl Scouts, you can buy boxes anyway. The organization will make sure that your treats are sent to military men and women serving overseas in what is called the ‘Troop to Troop Fund.’

Girl Scout cookies are on sale now through February 24.

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