FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Her face is swollen and riddled with holes.

She’s on heavy pain medication.

Just one look at Sandy, the Rottweiler, and your heart instantly melts.

When you find out what happened to her it’s easy to get mad.

The dog is about two to three years old.

“I looked at her and I’m going ‘oh my God’ who would do this to this dog,” says Kapi Neely, with Katy’s Promise Rottweiler Rescue through tears. “She trusted someone to come up to her and put a gun to her head.”

Sandy was picked up Wednesday at an apartment complex on Montecito Way in Fort Worth.

Even with a bullet in her jaw, she was roaming around the complex until someone noticed she was hurt and called police.

She was taken to the Fort Worth Animal Shelter, and that’s how Neely found out about her.

Neely says she immediately rushed the dog to Family PetCare in Fort Worth.

“This wasn’t a shot from some distance, it was actually a gun barrel up against the head of this sweet – sweet girl,” says Dr. Tim Morton with Family PetCare.

Dr. Morton is shocked Sandy survived the gunshot.

Many pellets remain in her jaw even though he has removed a lot of them.

Dr. Morton also says Sandy still has multiple fractures.

“We still have to fight the chance of infection,” says Dr. Morton “We still have a lot of bone exposed – if bone gets exposed, that can be a life threatening situation.”

Dr. Morton says Sandy could be someone’s pet because she is not aggressive at all.

Sandy will need more surgery and her recovery is expected to be long.

If you’re wondering how she got her name Neely says it’s in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary Connecticut shooting victims, but she also thinks the dog should be nicknamed miracle.

“I’m just so glad that she could be saved because we didn’t even think she could,” says Neely.

Sandy’s recovery will cost thousands of dollars and the clinic and rescue could use any help with donations while they take care of her.

If you know what happened to Sandy call the Fort Worth Police Department.

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