CLEBURNE (CBS 11 NEWS) – Parents and teachers packed Cleburne ISD headquarters Tuesday night.

They were ready to listen and voice concerns regarding teachers and faculty carrying concealed guns on campus.

The idea was brought up by a board member.

“I’m already a concealed handgun holder, and I would be in favor of arming myself in the classroom and our teachers,” says Brad Stevens. “The bad guys are not going to pay attention to the law, so you have to do what you have to do to protect yourself and the people that you are responsible for.”

Stevens, the parent of a high school sophomore and teacher at Hill College, says, “I’m in favor of it.”

Other parents at the meeting say the thought of a teacher packing makes them nervous, and it’s a double edged sword.

“If someone showed up with a gun they would know how to handle themselves,” says parent Jena Bennett. “On the other hand, kids make messes. They get into things. Would not want someone else or someone unstable getting their gun.”

Cleburne ISD has about seven thousand students and five armed school resource officers.

Superintendent Dr. Tim Miller isn’t sure arming teachers is the way to go.

“A good opportunity if we wanted to add firearms to the campus is to hire additional police and sheriff’s deputies in order to provide that type of security for us,” says Dr. Miller. “I’m not recommending any change to policy.  We don’t have all the facts.  We haven’t had the opportunity to talk to our teachers and parents and make sure we understand how they feel on the subject.”

No decision was made at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The board wants to be able to hear from more parents, teachers and faculty in the next few weeks.

Dr. Miller suggested some other ways to increase school security, which includes adding cameras to elementary school campuses and installing card readers to grant electronic assess to campuses.

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