WEATHERFORD, Texas (AP) — A 17-year-old charged with killing his mother and sister said he planned to kill more relatives and didn’t anticipate feeling remorse, according to his statement to police after his arrest.

Jacob Ryan Evans wrote a statement after his October arrest at his upscale Aledo home, 20 miles west of Fort Worth. He is charged with capital murder and remains jailed on $750,000 bail in Parker County.

The statement was introduced as evidence at a pretrial hearing this week but was not read in court. It is part of Evans’ court case that is public record and was obtained Thursday by several news agencies.

Evans said he also had planned to kill his grandparents who live across the street and his oldest sister who was there, as well as another older sister who was home from college, according to the statement. Authorities have said his father was out of town at the time.

Evans said he argued with his 15-year-old sister, Mallory, that day after she made a racist comment, and he felt his family was becoming people he hated. After hitting golf balls, running errands with his grandmother and watching television at home, Evans put a knife in his pocket and thought about killing Mallory, according to the statement. But he decided to kill his mother and younger sister with a gun stolen from his grandfather so they wouldn’t feel pain, he wrote.

“I then spent probably over an hour walking nervously around the house thinking how life will never be the same and how I would never see them again,” he wrote.

Evans shot Mallory and then his mother, Jami, but went back and shot his sister again after realizing she was alive, according to the statement. He also shot his mother again to make sure she was dead, he wrote.

He says he had watched a horror movie where a character kills his family without remorse and thought “it would be the same for me when I kill someone.”

But he says after shooting his mother and sister, “I know now though that I’m done with killing. It’s the most dreadful and terrifying thing I will ever experience. And what happened last night will haunt me forever.”

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