By Jeff Ray

A warm front moved over north Texas in the early morning, the winds have picked up (those winds, and warmer temperatures, broke the morning fog quickly).  A strong south will continue the rest of the day teamed mostly cloudy skies. Highs should peak in the 70’s.

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Overnight heading into Monday I expect to see some patchy showers. Rain will be very light and temperatures very mild, lows will likely stay in the 60’s (that’s warmer than the typical HIGH this time of year).

Monday will also be extremely windy, as the sun breaks out highs will reach into the upper 70’s! After another night in the 60’s highs will get back to the 70’s on Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies and strong south winds gusting up to 30 mph.

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A strong mid-west storm is going to move across the central plains on Tuesday. It’ll be produce a line of storms for north Texas. It will still get into the 70’s on Tuesday (again, it’s going to be very windy) before a cold front cools us down back to something more typical for the season.

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Right now we suspect the strongest storms will be in the eastern half of our area on Tuesday. Timing of the front will be crucial of course as well when the upper air winds come in. We’ll keep you posted on this severe weather threat from this event as we draw closer.

We’ll have exactly one day of “typical” temperatures, highs on Wednesday will be in the mid-50’s. By Thursday and into the weekend highs will get back to the 60’s.