ALLEN (CBSDFW.COM) – A controversial decision was made by the Allen Independent School District school board on Tuesday night. Trustees approved a re-zoning plan to ease overcrowded schools. But parents in the Star Creek neighborhood are upset. The dividing line between Cheatham Elementary School and Lindsey Elementary School will run right through their subdivision.

Luke Oliver has made a lot of friends since moving to Allen last year. Now, the 9-year-old fears that he will lose some of them if he is forced to go to a new school. “I don’t like it because all of our friends are split up,” said Oliver.

Oliver’s mother agrees. “We really wanted our kids to go to school with neighborhood friends,” said Kathleen Oliver.

The proposal would force some families to send their children to their third different elementary school. “Last year, we moved to Cheatham which is three quarters of a mile. Now, we’re going further,” said parent Chris Freeman.

The district said that Cheatham Elementary School is overcrowded with nearly 1,000 students.

But those selected to attend the yet-to-be-built Lindsey Elementary School would have to travel even farther and cross Highway 121. “That’s another scary part,” said Freeman, “is that 121 and the cross intersection — I’ve seen several accidents of people running the red lights.”

A campaign against the plan came to an end at Tuesday night’s board meeting. Trustees approved the new boundaries that left a number of families unhappy. The changes will take effect starting in the 2013 school year.

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