DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Delicious, fresh and fast food is going to be in high demand during the Super Bowl on Sunday, and many Americans agree that pizza is the top choice for the big game. But not everyone is on the same team when it comes to picking out their favorite toppings. While opinions can vary greatly — even within the same household — a pizza app is showing that tastes are often regional.

Workers at Rocco’s Uptown Pizza & Pasta in Dallas expect a major demand for pizza on Sunday. “Completely busy, all hands on deck,” said assistant manager Amber Pate. “Every employee working, probably a full house, the game on the TV set and ready to go. Very busy.” But getting ready for the big day includes knowing which toppings will be most popular — and stocking up on them ahead of time.

Just like people are partial to their favorite football teams, they are just as partial to what toppings they like most on their pizza.

Pepperoni is the overall favorite in the U.S. and that probably comes as no surprise. But according to Jim Bricker, who created the ‘Order Pizza‘ app for smartphones — a program that does precisely what it says — certain states have certain pizza preferences. He based this information on the tens of thousands of orders that customers made using his app. “It’s really interesting to see the ordering habits of people,” Bricker said.

For example, pineapple is a very popular topping in Hawaii. But folks in Washington, D.C. top the islands by ordering it most often. And while there are many people who like mushrooms on their pizza, they like it least in South Dakota. Texans generally prefer pizza with meat, but West Virginia is the top state for pepperoni.

Pizza Map

Breaking down the top topping choices is a huge help for places like Rocco’s Uptown Pizza & Pasta. “Usually, it’s pepperoni, meat lovers, supremes… those are definitely always the favorites,” Pate explained. “Pretty much all day. You have pre-game parties, during-game parties, post-game parties, drinking afterwards. It’s an all-day event.”

And across the entire nation, people in Texas, California and Florida tend to order the most pizza. But come Sunday, the ‘Order Pizza’ app is going to help deliver pizza all over the country, just in time for the game. “It’s crazy,” Bricker said. “We get orders every second during the Super Bowl.”

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