DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A feud between neighbors at a North Dallas apartment complex turned deadly on Monday morning when a man allegedly shot and killed two neighbors.

According to neighbors at the scene, a man and woman with five kids were shot and killed in the incident. Four of the children were in class at a local elementary school when the shooting took place. An infant child was home during the shooting and was unharmed.

The victim’s neighbors say the deceased man and woman had been in a long standing argument with their downstairs neighbor about the couple’s pets peeing and pooping from the upstairs balcony down onto his balcony.

The downstairs neighbor reportedly fired up from below, killing the woman on the balcony. The suspect then shot and killed the husband in the apartment’s parking lot.

The shooting took place at 6108 Abrams Rd. in Dallas at the Sable Ridge Apartments, just north of Northwest Highway.

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