By Andrea Lucia

ALLEN (CBS 11 NEWS) – Angie South, of Allen, was counting down the days until the cruise she had planned with 14 girlfriends.

“She was talking about it for months,” said her daughter, Spenser South, 22.

The four day voyage on the Carnival ship Triumph, though, didn’t go quite so… triumphantly.

“There was an engine fire, and then they had no power. They were just drifting off, on a cruise ship,” said her son, Mason, 16.

Carnival says, a fire in the engine room left the ship with no way to propel itself, limited power, and a limited number of working toilets.

It now plans to have two tugboats tow the ship to Mobile, Alabama, where it’s expected to arrive Thursday.

South’s children say, information comes to them in bits and pieces, whenever their mother and her friends can call home.

“You know, ‘We waited in line 3 and a half hours and all they had was a single hot dog for us to eat’,” said Spenser.

“They’re using the restroom with, like, bags. It’s pretty terrible,” said Mason.

Messages have begun to appear online from those aboard the ship and their worried family members.

“Pray for us & all involved!” wrote a woman from Keller, stranded at sea with her 57 coworkers.

The Plano Jazzercise Center, meanwhile, is missing more than a dozen familiar faces.

“I have 5 instructors out there and 10 to 15 students. We are worried about their safety, hoping they get home safely,” said Bonnie Lawrenz, the owner.

The group organized the trip, hoping for an adventure, just not the one they got.

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