IRVING (CBS 11 NEWS) – The man who helps oversee animal services in the City of Irving is being accused of hoarding animals. And, this isn’t the first time.

Darrell Hammond, the City of Irving Building Code Enforcement Manager, has surrendered dozens over the last few years.

But Hammond lives in a house that sounds like a kennel.

He didn’t want to do an interview but did tell us how many dogs he had Monday.

“I’ve got nine. But, I’m getting rid of some more,” Hammond said.

Irving only allows four pets per household. Hammond should know that. He helps oversee Animal Services.

Aimee Early says this isn’t the first time for Hammond.

She worked for Animal Services as an attendant in 2011 when she says her boss told her, “Keep this very hush hush. On the Down low. That he just took in too many animals and it got overwhelming,” she said.

How overwhelming?

“He would bring them in truck loads, between five and 10 each time. And, I think he brought in 37 total,” Early said.

“I think he’s a hoarder,” she said.

Early adopted one of Hammond’s dysfunctional pups and took the dog to a vet who discovered it had a serious knee ailment.

“He said his knee was the worst he’d ever seen and the only reason it was that bad is from overbreeding, overbreeding, overbreeding,” she said.

She wonders about the other pups in the litter.

“You know they all came in with feces and urine smell, matted. They all had ingrown toenails. Some were missing fur,” she said.

She was patient with her new pup whom she named Munque.

“It took him one year to understand that he is not supposed to pee and poop in the house. Because it was so inbred in him that that’s where he came from. That’s what everyone did. It took him a year to get potty trained,” she said.

Police Chief Larry Boyd who oversees Code Enforcement said, in a statement to CBS 11, they’re reviewing the matter:

“Due to reported violations, we have initiated an investigation and are in the process of gathering information regarding the number and condition of the animals Mr. Hammond had at his home.”

“Once we have collected the information and know exactly what transpired, we will be in a better position to respond.”

Aimee Early thinks Hammond should be treated like anyone else.

She said, “He should at the least be fined and be removed from his position.”

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