DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Brenda and Harland Meeks enjoy listening to Christian Bluegrass.

But lately, the couple is experiencing the Blues.

Brenda Meeks says, “I was really sad. This is home to me. I’ve lived here 13 years.”

The Meeks’ and about 45 other residents at the Tyler Street Manor Apartments in Dallas will have to find another place to live as soon as their leases expire.

That’s because the not-for-profit independent living complex is being turned into a facility for seniors only.

Brenda Meeks says, “So many people here will have to move. It’s not fair.”

For years, people with a variety of disabilities have called Tyler Manor home.

Of the 180 units, residents in 72 received rent subsidies from HUD.

But the contract with the government expired in December of 2011.

The facility is connected to the Tyler Street United Methodist Church.

Pastor Ed Lantz, who sits on the board, says the church considered options long before that. “The populations we currently have, we just don’t feel we’re best equipped to handle them. We think we can do a better job, instead of focusing on different populations, just to focus on senior adults.”

Harland Meeks says he and his wife are very worried about moving this September. “We got to try to find a place, and that’s a problem. We’re scared we’ll be on the streets.”

Pastor Lantz says, “Transitions are hard, we know that, and we regret any kind of pain that may come from this.”

The pastor says the manager of the apartment complex will help affected residents find a new place to live to make sure they’re not out on the streets.

Changing the complex to seniors only is allowed under law, as long as the leases are being honored, and in this case, they are.

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