CBS 11's Jeff Jamison and I,  hoping our abs will look like my nephew's Flat Stanley after 12 weeks of consistent exercise!(credit: CBS 11 News)

CBS 11’s Jeff Jamison and I, hoping our abs will look like my nephew’s Flat Stanley after 12 weeks of consistent exercise!
(credit: CBS 11 News)

Now that I have your attention, I’ll rephrase that: Whose body WILL be better come May?

In 12 weeks, you can be the judge.

That’s when my weather anchor Jeff Jamison and I will compare the results of our exercise programs. I started mine Monday; Jeff started after the holidays. (For the record I will NOT be posting before and after pictures. I am way too shy for that!)

Here’s the deal: the 36-year-old husband and father of two totally inspired me with his commitment to the Insanity high-intensity, cardio workout. He simply declared one day, “Tracy, I’m going to start doing Insanity. I ordered the dvds this weekend.”

And then he just did it. He’s been waking up at 5:30 a.m. and hasn’t missed a day since, even while filling in on the morning show. No excuses.

Last week he mentioned one of the guys featured in his dvds has his own fitness business in Fort Worth. “We should do a story in May, Tracy. You can come to class with me.”

His experience made me realize I haven’t challenged myself physically with anything new in many, many years. I’ve worked out regularly my entire life and even got on a Zumba kick last year. But around last November the balls of my feet hurt so badly, I could barely walk through the newsroom, let alone dance on my toes for an hour or two.

My pain and Jeff’s gain are what led me to explore the S2S Functional Performance practice in Bartonville, TX, which I blogged about Monday. Since my one-on-one consultation with the owner/physical therapist, I’ve attended 3 group Pilates/reformer/chair classes. I attend mostly at 6am to ensure nothing gets in the way. The early hour is, miraculously, not a struggle, since Pilates is low-impact and feels SO good.

So far I’m thrilled. I believe I’m investing in my health for the long haul, learning lessons in form and function that I’ll apply for the rest of my life. Who knew Pilates strengthens and stretches one’s toes, feet and ankles?! I feel NO pain wearing these boots today. Can I hear a halleluiah!

As for how Jeff and I will measure our progress come May? We haven’t determined that yet. But I can tell you this: we’ll personally vouch for the physical changes that can occur after 12 weeks of consistent, and in our cases vastly different, forms of exercise.

Perhaps you too will be inspired to invest in YOUR health.

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