NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – With free agency on the horizon and the start of the league year coming March 12, many teams are sweating the weight of the salary cap. Good news comes in the form of some small relief, though, as CBS Sports reports the cap has come in, officially, at $123 million.

That’s a substantial jump from the expected $121.5 million that many expected and a bump up from the $120.6 million cap from 2012.

That’s an extra $2.4 million per team that can be floated into the marketplace ($76.8 million total), and it’ll mean that teams should have an easier time retaining current free agents and/or adding players once free agency opens on March 12.

Many teams also have salary-cap space carried over from 2012.

An extra $2.4 million isn’t going to make or break a high-profile signing, but for teams that have been restructuring like crazy to get under the salary cap, the cushion is very nice news.

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