DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Independent School District (DISD) superintendent Mike Miles has a new plan for teachers that once again include longer workdays.

Starting next school year, principals will make the decision for their campus, as to whether or not teachers will be required to stay up to 30-minutes before or after school.

“Principals know when to say, ‘we’re gonna have additional time, before or after school, in the best interest of our students’ and that’s really what it should be about,” said DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander.

According to Dahlander, Superintendent miles made the decision after meeting with a focus group of teachers and principals. It was those individuals who recommended the change.

Rena Honea is president of Alliance-AFT, the area’s largest teachers association, and she says the new plan is still not fair. “Principals can use it however they choose. So the lack of consistency, across the district, makes it a very controversial issue.”

Under the new plan, teachers may also have to stay up to 90-minutes extra per a week, for training and meetings.

Currently DISD teachers work the state minimum of 7 hours 45 minutes. Honea said the key is to help those educators use the time efficiently. “If teachers had the time to be able to actually teach during the allotted times that they have, rather than having the interruptions and all of the other things that are required of them, the additional time would not be necessary.”

Last November, the DISD school board scrapped an unpopular 45-minute extended workday and told the superintendent any further decisions were up to him.

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