FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas woman says thieves stole something that was irreplaceable and she is pleading they return it, no questions asked.

Krista Daniels is the wife of the late well known Fort Worth Pastor Weldon Daniels, who was the head of Pilgrim Valley Missionary Baptist Church for almost four decades.

Hundreds attended his funeral in 2012. She kept his spirit alive with dozens of photos and videos she shot in the months before he passed away.

“I just started taking pictures and started doing just a little videoing of him, for memories for myself. He just started talking to me,” she said. “He was giving me instructions.”

Daniels spent every day with her husband at Universal Hospice in Fort Worth in the days and months leading up to his death. She took pictures of every visitor, captured conversations and her husband singing songs to her on video.

It was those videos that gave her strength on tough days.

“He left that for me and I would always get consolation when I’d look at that,” she said.

Last week, Daniels went to Universal Hospice to visit the chaplain who had helped through her husband’s death.

She was distracted when she arrived and left her purse in her car.

Minutes after she walked in the door, an employee came running in and told Daniels her vehicle had been broken into.

“All I could think of was my life was in that purse,” she said.

Along with her identification, wallet, cash, credit cards and other valuables, the camera with the photos and videos from her husband’s final months was stolen too. The irreplaceable memories and the sound of her husband’s voice, stolen with the purse.

Just that day, Daniels had looked back at one of the clips.

“He said, ’Love people in spite of.’ He said, ‘Do good to those that despitefully use you.’ Never would have thought that he was giving me instructions for that what happened that day,” Daniels said.

Now, the widow is pleading, praying that the camera and it’s cherished contents be returned, no questions asked.

“They just don’t realize that they are taking from people that are struggling too, just like them,” she said.

Daniels hopes someone will find it in their hear to return the camera or just the memory card to Universal Hospice or to Fort Worth Police.

This isn’t the first time the hospice has been targeted.

In the past month, 3 similar incidents have been reported.

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