DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Kiest Park, a popular spot among residents in Oak Cliff has become popular with dangerous dogs.

Sarah Upshaw has the scars on her car to prove it.

“About five, look like pit bulls came against me, my car. And, they was jumping up and down in front of the car. And, I couldn’t drive,” she said.

They surrounded her 2002 silver Honda Accord like a chew toy.

“They was biting and chewing on it,” she said.

There are scratches on the hood and teeth marks on the right front bumper.

It happened three weeks ago, while she was driving into Kiest Park where she walks her Pomeranian mix dog “Chance.”

Heather Jeffers lives a few blocks from the park and jogs there every day.

“I usually take a baseball bat with me. I always have my dog,” she said.

Jeffers says dogs have come after her too.

“Probably the worst experience is there was a pack of dogs, two pit bulls and there was a German Shepherd mix,” she said.

“They saw me. All three of them came after me,” she said.

She used pepper spray on one.  Next time, it could be her taser.

“It’s pretty intimidating. Because I run there all the time. There are kids there. There are women running by themselves. And, not everyone can carry bats,” she said.

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