By Doug Dunbar
Doug Dunbar and his "Peeps" (credit: CBS 11 News)

Doug Dunbar and his “Peeps” (credit: CBS 11 News)

Funny thing this Easter week. It’s a time filled with thoughts of spring, trees and flowers begin to bloom, and grocery store shelves are packed, with Peeps!

While most love pretty much everything about spring, save for the allergies, I have found it’s a different story with Peeps. For some reason, the Peep is reviled by some. But not me. It’s time I come clean about my fondness for the annual marshmallow like delight.

Many years ago as a young boy, my mom would give me an Easter basket each year, and Peeps would dominate that fake green plastic stuff we knew as grass. From day one, I have marveled at the design of the Peep. They have mastered the art, of an outer sugary layer, that is pretty much perfect. It has just enough of a coating, to call it a very soft crunch, a scruntch. With that crazy soft marshmallow like inside. Realizing Peeps are machine made, I’ve often wondered why pretty much every Peep, has the eyes and nose in  a different place. Only a true Peep expert would notice that. Look close enough, and you’ll see that no two are really alike when it comes to placement of the eyes and nose.

As for how to eat the Peep, boy, now that’s a highly personal question. Some hit them ears first, then head, then body. Making for a three bite extravaganza. A slow-jam with Peeps. Others, it’s a full on military assault. Hit em’ fast, hit em’ hard. One fell swoop. The whole enchilada. That’s me.

Also, some swear by the Peep five-some yellow bird-box, where others prefer the 12 pack, neatly laid out in three rows of four. If I’m being honest, I’d have to say I’m more of a yellow, single bird-box guy, but I would certainly not push aside a 12 pack, no matter the color. As is evident by my acceptance of a very kind, out of the blue gift from my partner Karen Borta.

As I write this, it’s on the heels of a “just because” gift, of a purple twelve pack. KB knows my weak spot, and just two weeks before my first Half Ironman of the season, she has put my will to the ultimate test. But I will leave this 12 pack on my desk, as my eventual reward for my race. I think.

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