Noah Timmons (credit: Dallas County Jail)

Noah Timmons (credit: Dallas County Jail)

BALCH SPRINGS (CBSDFW.COM) – The arrest warrant for now dead, Aggravated Sexual Assault suspect, Noah Michael Timmons shows that his accuser is the 6-year-old daughter of one of his ex-girlfriends.

The girl’s mother said, while stopped at a convenience store, her daughter told her that Timmons assaulted her several times. The woman didn’t wait to leave the store before calling police.

A few days later, the child was interviewed at a child advocacy center where the 1st grader said she had experienced “bad touches.”

During a very sensitive interview, with the child often chewing her nails and going mute, investigators learned that the alleged assaults happened in Timmons’ bed and a bathroom, on several occasions. With child explanations and pet names the girl had for body parts, like “monkey” and “donkey”, the girl told the interviewer that Timmons had assaulted her both vaginally and anally.

The girl said her mother was at work when the assaults happened and that Timmons would say to her, “not to tell.”

It was when police tried to execute that arrest warrant, early on the evening of March 26, that things got complicated. During a Wednesday morning press conference Balch Springs Police Chief Ed Morris explained that officers, “Went to 2206 Rodney Lane to serve four aggravated… four warrants for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, on a 26-year-old Hispanic male.”

Morris said it wasn’t the first time authorities had checked out the address. “Investigators drove around the suspect location earlier and as they went back to serve the warrant he was pulling away from the location and the officers called for patrol to stop him and that’s when the chase ensued.”

Eventually there were officers from Balch Springs, Mesquite, Garland, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and the Dallas Police Department’s Air One helicopter tracking Timmons. During the chase, that zigzagged on several highways, went through several cities, and reached speeds of more than 100 miles an hour, police said Timmons continued firing shots.


Timmons, driving a white-colored pickup with a trailer attached, continued running for about two hours and Chief Morris said authorities let him do it. “The officers stayed back, they did go up close to the vehicle and they gave him enough room to do what he needed to do [and made sure] not to provoke him into some other kind of crazy action,” he explained. “It was obvious that he didn’t’ want to be stopped. He was gonna create a bigger danger to the citizens around, so we needed to make sure that we stayed with him if nothing else, because he was already wanted for some felony offenses.”

But Timmons did take some ‘crazy actions.’ At various time Timmons was on both sides of Interstate-635, Interstate-30, and Northwest Highway. “The first time it [Timmons’ vehicle] left and went to Northwest Highway, as it made a U-turn the suspect turned from the vehicle and shot at the pursuing vehicles a total of nine times,” Chief Morris said. “In the turn he shot seven times. And as he proceeded further under the bridge he shot two additional times.” No law enforcement vehicles were hit by the bullets and chase continued.

The Chief said he became even more concerned when the gunfire began. “It became a whole lot more dangerous. It’s dangerous when a vehicle is being chased and pursued, as you well know, but when shots are fired from the suspect vehicle, it adds that much more danger to the citizens involved and the officers too,” he said. “If he’s shooting at police, he’ll shoot at anybody else.”

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

The chase ultimately ended when Timmons made a U-turn on Highway 205 in Rockwall. Police had laid out traps to stop the truck. The Chief explained that, “…units spiked the vehicle, tires went out, and as he was returning it appeared he had a blowout. The vehicle struck the wall.” The collision with the barrier left a shower of sparks and finally came to rest. “As officers approached the suspect there was no movement in the car,” Morris said. “It appears as though the suspect sustained a single gunshot wound.”

The gunshot wound was fatal and Timmons died at the scene. Police said they aren’t sure if the gunshot was self-inflicted or if the weapon accidentally went off, but that it had been verified no officer at the scene fired a weapon.

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