Lake Highlands sex assault suspect sketch (Photo via Dallas Police Dept)

Lake Highlands sexual assault suspect sketch (Photo via Dallas Police Dept)

DALLAS (KRLD) — Crime and serial killer expert M. William Phelps, who is the author of 23 books,  joined KRLD to discuss a series of sexual assaults that have occurred in the Lake Highlands area.

He also passed the following information along for those looking to take precautions in light of the recent attacks.

Don’t live in fear. Be proactive and vigilant. The community can catch this guy.

I want to give some simple, practical advice for anyone within this serial rapist’s comfort zone. Some of this might seem trite, but it will protect you.

Make sure your windows—especially those on the first floor—are locked and secure. Most importantly, though, check them every day in the morning and when you get home from your day. I have researched serial rapists who stalk their victims and enter the home several times before going in to commit the rape. So you may go to bed thinking your windows are secure because you locked them a few days before, when he slipped in while you were gone and unlocked them for a later time.

If you’re a female jogger, don’t jog alone right now. And never, ever take the same jogging route twice. You are giving away your habits to any criminal, actually.

If you walk (run) a lot, do not wear ear buds or any other abstraction that can distract your attention and give the rapist the upper hand to stealthily sneak up on you.

Make sure all the spot lights on your home have new bulbs and are working properly. Turn them on at night—every night. If they are motion detector lights, make sure the motion sensors are working properly.

If you see anything suspicious, call it in. Remember, a guy like this probably does not live in your neighborhood. But he is definitely stalking your neighborhood looking for the perfect victim, the perfect home. He might employ a dog and look like anyone else walking around the neighborhood during the day or in the evening. Be vigilant. If someone looks suspicious, they likely are. Call it in.

Trust your gut instincts.

Try to keep your everyday habits secret. Don’t fetch the newspaper or mail at the same time. Don’t walk the dog at the same time.

Don’t open your door for someone claiming to be from the water company, electric company, cable company, etc. Tell them to go away or call the cops. These guys often take on the personas of the people you trust most throughout your everyday lives and allow into your homes. Any deliveries should be left on the front door step. You never open the door for anyone you do not know.

Always check the back seat of your vehicle before getting in. That goes for when you’re at the mall, gas station, anywhere. If you use a garage door, be sure no one is sneaking in as you close the door behind you. This is especially important in condo complexes. If you use your garage door as an entrance, again, make sure no one is hiding in the bushes and sneaking in as you open the door and are obstructed by your surroundings while driving in. These guys love to hide and follow you into your home.

Do not underestimate how brazen a guy like this can be.

His Investigation Discovery series, DARK MINDS, airs on Weds. nights at 10:00 p.m. EST. He can be reached at

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