By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

The latest Spring outlook is not very favorable for Texas.  We are looking at above average temperatures and below average precipitation.  This is holding in line with how the past year has played out across Texas.  The extreme northeastern sections of North Texas might fare better with average precipitation expected.

springtemps Spring Weather Outlook & Current Lake Levels

springprecip Spring Weather Outlook & Current Lake Levels


Many lakes continue to run very low.  Below is a look at how far down lakes are compared to conservation level.  When looking at all reservoirs as a whole, the percentage full is 78%.

Lake Levels Auto CSV

Lake Levels Auto

We do have some rain in the forecast this weekend and also for Monday and Tuesday of next week.  The Monday and Tuesday rainfall has the potential to provide more rain than the weekend chances.  But stay tuned to CBS 11 for the very latest on the forecast.