FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – The wife of Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon testified Wednesday she believed it was her duty as a citizen to tell him about possible crimes she learned about in her family law practice.

Shannon’s wife, Rebecca Lucas, took the witness stand during a hearing to disqualify Shannon from a case.

A motion from Mario Perez says Shannon’s office was able to build a campaign finance crime case against him, because it used confidential information it got from Lucas. She represented Perez’s ex-wife in a divorce case in 2011.

Lucas said her client had requested help in allowing the truth to come out about what was happening with the election process in the county. She said she eventually told Shannon about it, and he told her to get the information to his investigators.

Perez says Lucas told investigators there were computers in his home, with possible criminal evidence. Those computers were under a confidential order in family court. The DA’s office though argues there is nothing in the confidentiality order that prevents someone from reporting criminal conduct.

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