By Jason Allen

DENTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – It was just $166 from a payday loan business. Sybil Shepard got the money to help a friend. For a woman who describes her budget as “squeaky” though, it didn’t take much for her to fall behind paying it back.

Her car broke down. The mechanic found more unexpected problems that needed repairs. She had to get around, and had to prioritize what bills she paid.

Shepard’s story ended up on the front page of the Denton Record Chronicle. Her story became an example, of how a small loan, can become a big problem. She didn’t ask for help though, and wasn’t expecting any. Then came the knock at her kitchen door.

She looked through her peephole, but didn’t recognize the man at the door. When she didn’t answer, he just turned and walked away. She went back to work at her desk, and then the knock came again. She had her boyfriend answer this time, and the man asked to see Sybil.

“When I went to the door, he said is this you?” she said.

The man had a clipping of her picture, cut from the morning paper.

“And he said well here, take this. And I’m like well, who are you?”

The man was gone by the time she looked at what he handed her. It was a receipt, for her loan. The principal, interest and fees, $282 total, had all been paid in full.

“I went back to my desk back there and just sit there and I just started crying like boohooing. I mean like a little kid crying.”

She still doesn’t know who the man was, or why he wanted to help. She said she was rescued, without ever having to ask for it.

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