It Hasn’t Been This Cold In April Since…

Larry Mowry Larry Mowry
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Today (Thursday, April 4, 2013) felt more like a January day in North Texas instead of Spring.  The high temperature today at DFW was only 52 degrees.


This is the coldest April day we have seen in 6 years.

You have to go back to April 7, 2007, to find the last time it was this cold in April.  There was also a trace of snow that day at DFW.

To give you more perspective, last year the coldest April day had a high temperature of 70 degrees.

In fact, I went back over the past 6 years and found the coldest April days for each year.


2013 – 52 degrees

2012 – 70 degrees

2011 – 70 degrees

2010 – 63 degrees

2009 – 65 degrees

2008 – 65 degrees

2007 – 44 degrees

Warmer temperatures come our way tomorrow after a cold start.  And by the weekend highs will be around 80 degrees!  ~Larry