FORNEY (CBS 11 NEWS) – Security camera video, obtained by CBS 11, shows Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland in his final hours alive.

The video, taken from inside a Forney gun store, offers some insight into what Mike McLelland’s was thinking on the last day of his life.

Store owner, O’Neil Kidwell says McLelland was worried about the safety of his employees and was looking for a way to protect them.

“I recommended they should be wearing revolvers and protective vests,” said Kidwell.  “I asked him if he was ever in fear of his life and he said no he’s more worried about his coworkers.”

Kidwell had that conversation with his longtime friend a few hours before McLelland and his wife were shot and killed inside their home.

“He seemed like nothing was going to happen.  He was invincible.  He was happy everything was good in his world,” remembers Kidwell.

McLelland was a regular customer in the store and Kidwell says the D-A looked at 38 calibur handguns as possible weapons for his staff to carry since the murder of his Chief Prosecutor Mark Hasse in January.

“I tried to tell him to keep a gun on you at all times, home, grocery store, whenever.”

Kidwell says McLelland assured him he was taking precautions.

But later that night, the 63-year-old would be ambushed inside his home by someone with an assault rifle.  Sources have told CBS 11 it looked like McLelland was trying to retrieve a gun when he was killed.

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