By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry


Front has moved thru Fort Worth.  Sharply colder behind it.

4CO Temp Plot

Here is the rough arrival time of storms that our currently to our west.

KTVT Street Level


Here is the latest high resolution model of storms and temperatures.

WEDNESDAY 7AM – cold and windy with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s!  Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.

NTX FutureCast 12kmA

WEDNESDAY 10AM – Still cold and windy with lingering rain and isolated thunderstorms.

NTX FutureCast 12kmA1

WEDNESDAY 2PM – Rain shifts to the east.  Skies will clear from west to east late in the afternoon.  You guessed it, still cold and breezy.

NTX FutureCast 12kmA2

WEDNESDAY 5PM – Rain in East Texas.  If we see some sunshine temperatures will warm into the mid 50s.  If cloud we stay around 50 degrees.

NTX FutureCast 12kmA3


Here’s the front position as of midnight.  Quite a drop of temperatures behind the front.

Metro Temp Plot

NTX Temp Plot


As mentioned below we are waiting on disturbance in West Texas to get here later tonight.  It probably will take until closer to 3am to 5am before we see widespread showers and a few thunderstorms in North Texas.

Here’s how those storms out west look on radar at 1148pm.

NTX Radar


Cold front just about ready to push into Tarrant County.  Big temperature difference ahead and behind the front.  Still no storms along the front.  Everything is back in West Texas.

Front position at 1115PM

4CO Temp Plot

Here is my video forecast from CBS 11 News at 10pm Tuesday night.


Here is the 1030pm cold front location.  59 in Bridgeport but still 71 in Decatur, but not for long.

4CO Temp Plot

No storms along the front.  Storms are still well behind the front back in West Texas.  We have to wait on this upper level disturbance out west to get here.  I expect scattered showers and storms to arrive after midnight and in some areas closer to daybreak.  Some hail will be possible with these storms.  The hail threat will be isolated.

KTVT Street Level