By Andrea Lucia

BOSTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – A day after the Boston Marathon bombings, Martha Crevecoeur of North Dallas says the emotions of heartbreak and sadness are sinking in.

Crevecoeur says she would normally proudly wear the medal she won for completing the marathon proudly around her neck.  However, after the tragic end to yesterday’s race, she just doesn’t feel like it.

“The Boston Marathon, it’s a celebration of life, of people trying to achieve their goals,” says Crevecoeur.  “I never thought anyone would pick such a site, you know, to cause fear and terror.”

Minutes after crossing the finish line, Crevecoeur saw clouds of smoke erupt behind her.  She described the explosion as loud and powerful.

“And everyone turned around,” she remembers.  “And then like 10 seconds later, the second explosion.”

Sam Polak of Dallas also finished the marathon moments before the first bomb exploded.

“People were thinking it was a cannon, some people thought it was fireworks, pretty quickly people started saying, it was a bomb,” he said.

Polak immediately worried about the safety of his wife Jennifer, who had waited at the finish line to watch him cross. The couple finally found each other after frantically searching for one another, despite difficulty using the cell phones.

The Polak’s children, who have watched their father race before, stayed home this time.  When Sam learned another runner lost his son, just one year younger than his own, he was overwhelmed with sympathy.

“I have a 9 year old son, and that’s tough to hear.”

Polak says he’s unsure if he will participate in future races.  Right now, he is just focused on getting home.

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