By Brian New

DALLAS – Runners all across DFW gathered Tuesday night to honor the victims of the Boston bombings.

In Dallas nearly 200 runners wore matching race bibs with the date of Monday’s bombings, 4-15-13, and ran together around White Rock Lake.

“When you feel bad, nothing makes you feel better than running,” said runner Alyson Brown.

Brown, who still can’t bring herself to watch the footage of the bombings, said distance runners everywhere have a common bond.

“It doesn’t matter if you are from Boston or New York or Dallas or Los Angeles, if you are a distance runner you’ve put in the same miles and everyone gets that,” she said.

Many of the runners at White Rock Lake said that Tuesday’s run was therapeutic.

“Everyone here is like a free therapist,” said Josh Conner referring to his fellow runners. “You never get to know someone as well as you do after you’ve run with someone for two-hours.”

Before the run, the group had a moment of silence for the victims in Boston.

Similar runs to honor the victims were held Tuesday night in Fort Worth, Allen, and in other cities across Texas.

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