By Jeff Ray

We’ll have another fine weather day to close the weekend. Highs should reach in the low 70’s with less wind to contend with:

NTX Tomorrows Highs

Its going to be dry today and Monday. Monday’s highs will reach to around 80 degrees as the south winds pick up again 20-25mph.

NTX Next Day Highs


We really can’t get the warm season started around here. Of course, in north Texas we should never be in a hurry for the heat to set back in. Some very cold air is just over the¬†Canadian border and its headed this way:

AlaskaCanada Temp Plot

This cold front will arrive Tuesday morning. Temperatures that morning will be in the low 60’s; by afternoon we’ll have temperatures in the 50’s. We are expecting some rain with this front but it’ll be a minor amounts of precipitation. Mostly it’ll be just cloudy, windy and cold with showers.

As we get closer and closer to Memorial day (36 days and counting) these rounds of cold weather linger less and less. Highs by next weekend should be right back to the upper 70’s to around 80.